2023 Annual Compliance Reports

Are you looking for information about your drinking water? The 2023 Compliance Reports are now available. These reports provide information to the public on water quality, the quantity of water supplied to the area municipalities, and the quantity of treatment chemicals used in the treatment and provision of safe drinking water to the region. The annual Compliance Reports are a regulatory requirement under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.

2023 Compliance Report – Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System

2023 Compliance Report – Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System



Updated Financial Plan – LHPWSS

The Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System’s updated Financial Plan is now available online at https://www.huronelginwater.ca/app/uploads/2023/11/001-301-Financial-Plan-LHPWSS.pdf

This document is a consolidated financial model, and is based upon the Board approved Financial Plan of March 2023 and the approved 2023 capital and operating budgets.

The Financial Plan ensures that the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System Board of Management is planning for the long-term financial stability of their drinking water system in order to guarantee safe drinking water into the future.

The Financial Plan has been prepared to satisfy the requirements under section 3 of Ontario Regulation 453/07 (Financial Plans), issued under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.

Hard copies of the Financial Plan will be made available to the public upon request.

Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant Disinfection & Storage Upgrades Class Environmental Assessment

A Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment was completed to review, evaluate and identify the preferred solution to enhance disinfection at the water treatment plant and increase treated water storage, to provide the plant with operational flexibility.

The Notice of Completion for this Class Environmental Assessment was filed, and the 30-day review period ended November 21, 2022.

The Project File Report, which documents the Class Environmental Assessment process, is available below.

Map of the LHPWSS Service Area and Local Study Area

Map of the LHPWSS Service Area and Local Study Area

Notice of Completion

Project File Report – Executive Summary

Project File Report – Full document excluding appendices

Appendix A – Project File

Appendix B – Project File

Appendix C – Project File

Appendix D – Project File

Other project materials are provided below:

Notice of Study Commencement (February 1, 2021)

Notice of Public Information Centre (May 27, 2022)

Class Environmental Assessment Public Information Centre – Recorded Public Information Centre Presentation Video (YouTube)

Public Information Centre Slides (pdf)