What is Water Conservation?

Water conservation is a reduction in the use, loss or waste of water or an increase in the efficiency of water use.


How Do I Conserve Water?

Visit the City of London’s Water Conservation Page to learn how you can conserve water in your home and yard.


Why Conserve Water?


Cost Savings
  • Customers who conserve water may have lower water bills.
  • Water conservation may delay expensive water treatment plant expansions and other drinking water system upgrades that would otherwise be required to meet the water demand.
  • Lowering the water production at the water treatment plant will save the drinking water system money by reducing operational costs.
Environmental Benefits
  • Using water wisely reduces the amount of energy and chemicals that would otherwise be required to treat and distribute the water.
  • Excessive water usage can overload sewage systems and cause untreated sewage to flow into rivers and lakes.
  • Water systems that conserve water demonstrate leadership in water resource management and are working toward a goal of sustainability.
  • Water conservation will extend existing water supplies and storage capacity.